ESD Updated Restrictions Over Indian Nationals

On this day, the Expatriate Services Division (ESD) releases an announcement on the restriction of entries involving Indian citizens as imposed by the government of Malaysia on 26th April 2021, the restrictions are:
      1. All Long Term-Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) holders in Malaysia. Exception is given to Permanent Resident holder and Spouse of Malaysian with the condition to obtain an Entry Approval via MyTravelPass (MTP) based on their respective categories. They must also undergo a FOURTEEN (14) days QUARANTINE at a Quarantine Centre stipulated by NADMA and MOH.
      2. Business Travellers;
      3. Social Visit; and
      4. NEW and RENEWAL holders of the following who are currently abroad: Employment Pass (EP) / Professional Visit Pass (PVP) / Residence Pass-Talent (RP-T) / Dependant Pass (DP)/ Long-Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP);
      5. Malaysian citizens who are currently in India are allowed to enter Malaysia, and are required to undergo a COMPULSORY FOURTEEN (14) days QUARANTINE at a Quarantine Centre stipulated by NADMA and MOH.
      6. Malaysia citizens are PROBIHITED to travel to India; and
      7. All Exit and Entry Approvals that have been obtained through MyTravelPass, MyEntry or other entry approvals are VOIDED / CANCELLED.

The above measures will be reviewed on a regular basis by the Government of Malaysia.

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