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Immigration Management System Provider (XPM)

Some companies have in-house immigration teams that handle visa applications for their foreign hire. To reduce human error due to the cumbersome work, XPM helps you with all the paperwork, so you can focus on bringing in the right talent to grow your business.

Full Suite End-to-End Immigration Case Management Services

Be it hiring foreign talents for your company, or leaving your home country to expand your career opportunity. XpatMobi will assist you throughout your visa application process. Let us do all the work.

What is XPM?

XPM is a secured immigration case management system in cloud. Our XPM platform is the pioneer platform designed to assist companies in managing foreign hires more efficiently and effectively, saving both time and money in the process. XPM guides its users through the entire process for work permit application – this system is applicable to all expatriate, immigration service provider and Human Resource personnel. We aim to support businesses with their company’s growth, by providing solutions to the complex and sometimes complicated immigration requirements. In return, companies can focus on what they do best.


Fully automated case management system

From initiation to gathering information and drafting paperwork, let the solution minimize all manual work.

Automated reminders for all expiries

Set a reminder and forget about it. The solution will send reminders to all stakeholders at a specified time.

User management

Have several tiers in your team? No worries, just set their profiles accordingly and you’re all good to go.


Fill out your Immigration application at a fraction of the cost and time it normally takes.

Easy to use

Enables user to fill out the entire Immigration application online. A web-based platform that allows login from any device.

Real-time analytics and reporting

Data and reports are just a few clicks away. Customize your reports and have it auto-run based on scheduler.

Secured cloud hosting

Our servers boost SSL encryption, by-the-minute data backup, round-the-clock uptime and operates within a 24/7 secured environment.

Online FAQs for expatriates

Provides answers to commonly asked questions by new expats coming into the country.

Who Uses XPM?

MNCs with their own in-house visa department

Streamlines work, reminders and storage information in one platform. User-friendly; employees without immigration knowledge is able to process the application.

Companies that hire expatriates

A central place to track and retrieve information/reports on overseas assignments, costs, and application progress. A centre to research on information on designated country’s immigration policies and application procedures

Immigration service providers

Promotes job satisfaction as employees are able to concentrate on delivering high-value work. Improves productivity & efficiency per worker, hence increasing revenue for companies. Answer to lack of ready-talent and knowledge in the industry.


A central place to access and provide relevant information about the immigration processes. Up-to-date information helps expatriates make informed decisions on their relocation/traveling plans. Helps save downtime for both expatriate and his/her company of employment.

About XpatMobi

XpatMobi Sdn. Bhd. (XpatMobi) was founded in 2013 by two female founders, Wee Sue Fi and Wong Yian Yian. They have working experience in the banking and corporate sector for more than 14 years respectively, and decided to venture out into the startup scene after identifying a pain-point in the immigration industry. The startup is dedicated to innovating immigration, by creating tools that simplify immigration application processes, saving both time, money and resources for companies and individuals. Hence, XPM is born.

Sue Fi is the Founder, and CEO of XpatMobi. She is the brainchild behind XPM case management system and her key responsibility is in the design and development of XPM. She also oversees the overall operations of the company. Yian Yian is the Co-Founder of XpatMobi and joined the startup in 2014. Her key responsibility is in business development.

In 2015, XpatMobi Sdn. Bhd. is selected to be the trusted visa partner of MaGIC’s ACE (ASEAN Center of Entrepreneurship), where XpatMobi is to assist startups with immigration matters. XpatMobi is also the trusted immigration consultant to MaGIC’s Accelerator Program (MAP).

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