Visa Waiver Programme for Chinese and Indian Nationals

In this post, we are re-visiting an announcement made by the Home Ministry regarding the 15-days visa-free entry for tourists from China and India on social trips to Malaysia. There were confusion over the announcement and we hope to help clarify for you. It is quite lengthy, so we have formulated it in a Q&A manner:

  • Is this initiative new?
    No, this initiative was introduced in 2016 and is reviewed yearly since.
  • Is this initiative only applicable to Chinese from Mainland China?
    Technically, this initiative is applicable to any person who holds a PRC China passport or an Indian passport. It is answered in such a manner because a person may be an Indian (of race) but holds a British passport (of nationality). So for this person, it is not applicable.
  • When is the effective date for this year (2020)?
    The exemption will start from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020. Meaning, a person has applied for the eNTRI and travel to Malaysia before December 31, 2020.
  • What is an eNTRI?
    It stands for Electronic Travel Registration and Information (eNTRI). It is a name of an online visa application platform (eVisa) that enables foreign nationals to apply for an electronic visa to enter Malaysia. The eVISA can be applied around the world except in Malaysia and Singapore.
  • That’s really convenient. Where do I apply?
    You can click on here: Be sure to read the document requirements and FAQ.
  • Does that mean I can enter Malaysia multiple times within the validity?
    Specifically, the eNTRI is valid for a single journey into Malaysia for up to a maximum of 15 days for tourism purposes only.
  • Stay for 15 days only? But it says the eNTRI has validity of 90 days.
    The validity refers to the period of time the eNTRI can be used (one-time only) before it expires. It is 90 DAYS from the eNTRI issuance date. So, travel to Malaysia before your eNTRI expires or before December 31, 2020, whichever is earlier.
  • How long can I stay in Malaysia using eNTRI?
    You are allowed to stay up to 15 days (maximum) on each visit. Each eNTRI is for single use only. No extension is allowed. You are still subjected to Malaysian laws when you enter the country. This also means you are solely responsible for NOT exceeding your stay beyond the stipulated time.
  • Can the eNTRI be applied if I am outside of my country of origin? And, what if I use VPN?
    No, a PRC or Indian passport holder is required to apply for the eNTRI (Tourism) in the country of origin only. As for using VPN, we have no experience. But do share yours with us!
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